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Boulangerie & cafe Blé Bakery is situated in the heart of Port Washington, New York, and as its name suggests, here one might find exquisite pastries and bread, made with the best ingredients and utmost care. OUR STORY

Made with love

At Blé, the sensation of a traditional bakery is brought back, waking you up with the mouthwatering aromas of baking products while time moves more slowly and carefree. This was the idea behind the stores – to create a multi-purpose dining area that brings together yesterday and today, offering a variety of quality products. Our stores are evolving into a multidimensional space of a holistic, tasteful experience offering daily: full breakfast, rich varieties of coffee, branded sweets and delicious food dishes.

We take coffee seriously!

We take coffee seriously! We have always taken coffee seriously at Blé Bakery. There is never a pot of stale drip coffee sitting on the counter. We make each cup to order! Once the freshly roasted coffee arrives, our baristas are trained to maintain the integrity of the bean as much as possible.


So, yes, we take coffee seriously and hope that you appreciate that with every sip!

A slice of the good life

The people of Blé know very well that guests seek for the familiar rather than the edgy, and focus on the quality rather than novelty. Bread has been bringing people together for ages, and when something works, you don’t change it – you just execute it in the best way possible.