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About the Bakery


About the Bakery

Blé opens in Port Washington!

With absolute respect for tradition, quality, and impeccable service. Blé opens new paths to American cuisine, offering top-notch and delightful creations every day.


At Blé, the experience of a traditional bakery is revived, waking you up with the delicious smells of steaming baked goods, with time passing more slowly and carefree. This is the idea behind our stores, creating a multi-purpose dining space that brings together yesterday and today, offering a variety of quality products. Our stores are evolving into a multidimensional space of holistic, tasteful experience offering: full breakfast, rich varieties of coffee, branded sweets and delicious food dishes.

It all starts today offering EVERY DAY & SOMETHING MORE, in every neighborhood!

Blé Bakery

Constantly mixing pure materials, traditional flavors and international trends  with products produced daily, our goal is for each category of our products to stand out for the purity of its raw materials.From our Bakery & coffee to our patisserie & gelateria.


Blé originates from the French word for wheat. One of the first crops to be domesticated by our ancestors thousands of years ago, and probably one of the most important food sources around the world. Simple, yet invaluable, bread was what brought people together, from gathering the grains to baking it and finally sharing it. Now we can find it in many forms, some of which we choose to proudly share with you in our bakeries, for the history of wheat is essentially the history of the world.